How to Use Checkout 51

Learn how to use Checkout 51 to save money



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Checkout 51 updates their offers every Thursday. Pick the offers you like and buy the products at any store unless a specific store is stated. Follow in app directions to submit your receipt. Once your purchases are verified your account will be credited. You can cash out when your account balance reaches $20.00 and Checkout 51 will mail you a check.

Things to remember:

  • offers are live for one week and your receipt must be uploaded during this time
  • most offers have limited quantities so make sure your offer is still available before purchasing the product, also upload your receipt as soon as possible
  • be sure to check the limit for each offer because some offers can be claimed more than once 🙂
  • you can only submit a receipt one time so make sure you have selected all offers on the receipt before submitting
  • read product descriptions carefully to ensure you are purchasing the exact product listed
  • you can purchase items from online retailers and submit your packing slip as proof of purchase

We enjoy shopping with Checkout 51. The fact that you can redeem some offers more than once sets it apart from most other grocery rebate apps. Check back often for posts on current Checkout 51 offers and subscribe for email updates so you never miss a new deal. If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you!

APPy Savings!

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