How to Save at Kroger


There are so many ways to save money when you shop at Kroger and who doesn’t want to save money on groceries? Here are some of the ways that Kroger makes this possible.


Kroger Store Card

kroger plus card

The first thing you want to do before shopping at Kroger is get your Kroger card. Just like most store loyalty cards, the Kroger card gives you access to sale prices that you don’t have without it. It also makes it possible to take advantage of the other ways to save listed below. Just go to customer service and they will get the necessary information and give you your card.

Mega Sales

kroger buy 5 save 5

This savings option can really reduce your grocery bill if you buy items included in the promotion. This can be “Buy 5 Save $5” , “Buy 6 Save $3″, ” Buy 4 Save $4″ or other variations on this type sale. When you purchase the required number of items included in the sale your cost will be reduced by the dollar amount. You can also stock up when they have their 10 for $10 sales.



Have you ever gotten to the grocery store and realized that you left your coupons at home? With the Kroger app, if you have your smart phone with you, you always have your coupons. Using this app, you can load the ecoupons onto your Kroger card at home before you go shopping or load them as you shop. Periodically Kroger has a “Super Digital Coupon Savings Event” that will allow you to use the same ecoupon up to five times in the same transaction.




Catalinas are coupons that print out when your receipt prints out. These coupons could be a savings on a product you purchase in the future or they might give you money that can be spent on your next Kroger purchase. They might also just inform you of offers of money back on future purchases.


 Personalized Coupons

This is one of my favorite things about Kroger. If you shop at Kroger regularly and use your Kroger card, they will track your purchases and mail personalized coupons to you. These coupons will give you savings on items that you buy often. You may even get lucky and get some coupons for free items. I have gotten free cereal, free eggs, free fresh produce and other items that I would have gotten anyway. How great is that!


Fuel Points

kroger 4x fuel points kroger 2x fuel points

Gasoline can be so expensive that we all look for ways to save on it. Kroger fuel points are a great way to reduce what you have to pay at the pumps. When you use your Kroger card at checkout you will receive one point for every dollar spent. When you reach 100 points you can use those points to get $0.10 off each gallon of gas you buy in a single purchase. If you have 200 points you get $0.20 off per gallon and so on up to $1.00 off per gallon with 1000 points. At times, Kroger runs fuel points promotions where you get 2X points on your whole purchase or 4X points on the purchase of gift cards.

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